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Rupture In the Ordinary

I will be addressing the notion of the "Meaning of Personal Identity Amidst Loss". So much of life now is shifting on both a macro and micro level. How our nation narrates its stories, for example, during the present pandemic experience or how each person reflects on the meaning of loss in every day life might serve as examples. My research and clinical interest began in 1998 and published as "Rupture In the Ordinary" focused on how the person narrates the story of losses over time attempting to gain understanding of the meaning of loss for one's personal identity

Loss is identified by the person. It can wear many faces such as an illness, grief, finances, jobs, family. It is often experienced as a sudden change of who one is in the individual's world. The ordinary experience of life, illness, death, is felt in one's body, mind and soul. ...a rupture of self-understanding ... articulated in the very story of that loss.

"Who am I amidst this loss?"

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