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with Dr. Abbatiello, Ph.D.

Dr. Geri Abbatiello is a nurse practitioner and professor whose extensive clinical practice, coupled with classroom and practical professional training experience, yield valuable therapeutic insights grounded in real world experiences.  She will enrich your understanding of the development and application of innovative nursing techniques especially in areas of palliative and psychological care.  Grounded in her vanguard work in the area of loss and its impact on the physical, as well as the mental and emotional, health of the individual, her assessment of treatment strategies conveys a deep and respectful commitment to the health of the entire patient.


Dr. Abbatiello engages in ongoing research, publishes in peer-reviewed journals, and speaks at national and international symposiums.  Her active listening skills afford the opportunity for her to enhance her presentations by incorporating the feedback and experiences of her students and audiences alike.

Recent Programs & Lectures by Dr. Abbatiello:​

  • Opioid: What You Need to know! S.U.N.Y.; Office of Research and Education. Interdisciplinary participants from Offices of Mental Health, Correctional, Workers Compensation and Intellectual Disabilities; Albany, NY 5/5/17


  • Interpretation Laboratory Values for Effective Interventions.  S.U.N.Y ;Albany, NY 1/17/17


  • Body Mind and Spirit: Approaches to Health Mind Body Spirit Seminars for Professionals.  Nurses Week; Northwell Healthcare System; Lenox Hill Hospital; New York City  5/8/17 and 5/10/17.


  • Caring for the Overwhelmed Health Professional in the Acute Care Setting  Nyack Hospital, Nyack, NY   1/24/17

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